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Welcome to Shire Gate Farm

Shire Gate Farm began with the idea that wholesome and naturally produced products can be delivered to consumers at a reasonable price. Our cattle graze in open pasture, on the finest green grass, without the use hormones or antibiotics. Will Witherspoon, the owner, has always tried to put great food on the plate at every meal; shouldn’t we all be able to do the same?

Beef is just the beginning for Shire Gate Farm and all its producers and consumers. The future is bright and a sustainable revolution is upon us. A revolution we can taste and see; built from the ground up with a health-conscious consumer in mind.

This sets forth the revolution! With his ideas and determination, Will has the ability to take SGF far beyond its grass fed beef products, and even father beyond its Missouri gates. We invite you to visit our online store, by clicking the banner above, and “Taste the Revolution” for yourself.

Thank you, The Shire Gate Farm Team

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